PAC-10 Gymnastic Championship Credentials

The Gymnastic Championships were held at the University of Arizona and they needed some attractive credentials. What is most difficult about designing them is making sure they both stand out and recognizable. That isn’t always easy when everyone will be wearing different colored clothing, and they stand out just fine when they are on a white piece of paper. Once they are dispersed to several hundred people, things change quickly. We went with a solid background with a bit of color at the bottom – that should have stood out rather well. Arizona did well, finishing 4th in the meet [the PAC-10 is always stacked] and they are headed off to Los Angeles for Nationals.

PAC-10 Gymnastic Credentials

Olympic Time!

Free wallpaper just because I love the olympics! The olympics have always been a favorite of mine, not just for the event but the imagery and graphics of the event. My one request when friends are traveling – bring me back something olympic related. In 2008 I received a 2014 olympic t-shirt from a friend in Moscow as well as a huge book on Beijing’s graphics. So much fun, but unfortunately they only last for 2 weeks.

If I had been smart, I would have made a decent logo such as the ones below and sold them as t-shirts online. Chances are I could have made a killing. Just say it out loud in you best Bob & Doug McKenzie voice, or the moose from Brother Bear – you know it, the Quebecois accent, eh? I know, stereotypical and all that, but it would have been fun to do.

Download the wallpaper of your choice and keep watching and supporting our olympians.

this use of this wallpaper is allowed for personal use as computer desktop backgrounds and nothing more. images and the phrase “GO TEAM US EH!” copyright dann niegocki 2010

Destination Southern Africa World Cup Banner

Not everything is completely created by us. Many times we are given pieces of art from other jobs and we need to repurpose and add to the art. This banner was originally a letter size flyer and we stripped out everything but the kids in the photo and the World Cup logo. The result was a 3 foot by 7 foot collapsible banner that can be easily transported. Destination Southern Africa is a phenomenal tour operator as Keith Cooper, the shop’s owner, can attest. To not only catch a few World Cup Games as well as go on a safari would be the vacation of a lifetime – if you like soccer and wild animals, that is.

Tucson Soccer Academy Tournament T-Shirt

Every year the Tucson Soccer Academy hosts a soccer tournament in Tucson that has teams from all over the U.S. coming to compete. In ’09 there were over 160 teams scheduled to play on fields around Tucson, which is not only great for Tucson but for our soccer community as well. This design was for the t-shirts for all the particpants, a playful take on our saguaros – especially if they were strikers.

UofA Baseball and Softball Credentials

We continued with the look we created for the University of Arizona Athletic Department for the media and staff credentials for both baseball and softball. Each was individually numbered and an additional credential was made for the televised game as well [Arizona is good – we expect the addition of more televised games soon]. We would recommend catching one of the ballgames in our «rough» Tucson weather.

Welcome to mbtween – Tucson’s complete creative design, marketing and production solution

First and foremost, mbtween design is about giving you my best in design, creativity, and marketing. I aim to exceed my client’s expectations for each project, and that includes the value of services rendered as I am highly efficient and cost-conscious*. Nobody likes to waste time, and I am no exception. I have learned more tips and tricks to getting work produced in the last twenty years [and produced beautifully] that clients watching me work on my three screens have made the comment that it looks like a scene from Minority Report with windows and artwork sliding around and coming together in a very short time. As a result, extremely short deadlines are no problem. The constraints of time and budget are no problem with efficiency and talent.

Detail and results oriented, you can expect the best as mbtween design works within a production facility that is more than capable. Digital and offset presses, large format printers and finishing equipment – all run by talented and professional coworkers. We are continually coming up with creative solutions to unique production problems and it  is a bonus to you to have both creation and production exist under the same roof. If it is designed here, it can be produced here – no problem. Everything you can imagine for a restaurant start-up? Sure. Every piece for an international conference? We’ve been doing one yearly since 1998. From small projects to the insanely large ones – we have the experience and know-how to get it done, hopefully without breaking a sweat.

I stay busy and this portfolio is often on the short end of things. I must have a few hundred more pieces to put up, and I always want to make the next project better than the last. Once the amount of work has reached critical mass I will go back and redesign the site to be better broken up by project types. I enjoy being creative and coming up with design solutions that communicate well and are attractive. On one side it is information that needs to be communicated and on the other is making it something worth looking at, a work of art. Combine those two and if you can make it a successful marketing piece, it is a success for everyone involved.

Why use mbtween design? We are professionals that are results driven with endless creativity.

*True story: a client came to us with artwork that had been created by their friend that was a designer [probably a rather generous description]. They were charged $10 an hour [a great deal!] and it took them 30 hours to complete [whoa, not a great deal]. The artwork was poorly crafted and the images were unusable – it had to be scrapped. In just over an hour I created a new piece – both better looking and producable – and we were able to produce it in-house in no time.