this is the «i don’t want to click through dozens of pages to see what you’ve done — just show it to me already» page. you may find descriptions, you may not, but we believe you’ll be pleased with our range of work. below are links to jump down to different clients and sections. there are plenty of items NOT in a section [consider them easter eggs] so don’t skip anything if you can.

click here to see some recent work [we have plenty more, just no time to show them off... yet]

the university of arizona | el tour de tucson | classic line [pennzoil]
pima air and space museum
| mrs. tiggy winkle website | | jane austin society of north america
the hodge-podge of most everything else | conferences

the line above is just some of the work we did in 2 days one january. you’ll find many of them below

the school of music’s faculty artist series [pdf]

the school of music’s faculty artist series [pdf]

pennzoil’s classic line of products and logo

el tour de tucson posters and jerseys

and the el tour ideas that didn’t make the cut

large banners and logo

posters for the wright brother’s plane at the pima air and space museum. the square image is 8 feet square while the others are 6 to 8 feet long with space left for sections of the aircraft to be placed.

banners for soccer clubs

logo and website

website, magazine ad, and banners for events

illustrations to be animated for a local toy store

4 x 8 foot banners for their retail store

magazine ads and mailers
[each item on the table below is triathlon specific]

created the template for their yearly catalog so that their in-house designer
could drop in all the text and images

jerseys, swimsuits, and cycling gear — all in production
[we’ll take photos of the final versions]

corrected the top file into what became the middle image,
then enhanced it [colorized, added clouds, etc] for a large wall banner

dozens of powerpoint slides for a weekly church event— click on each for a larger view

the logos and mailers for the jane austin convention

illustrations for presentations

most everything else

no stock photos for this one — wrapped up my arm for this

[the tractor image was provided]

3d rendered chips for the casino of the sun

large wall map for an apartment complex

new bottle labels for 7-eleven corporate

every year we spend a solid 6 weeks worth of work on an international conference
with the design including logos, trade show graphics, posters, clothing, printed material, website and more
— usually 40+ items each year.

the above is part of one of several banners and booths. it is 4 feet tall by 36 feet long.
[i set a personal record with photoshop asking for 92gigs of scratch disk space with dozens of layers]

below is an entrance arch mockup [we rarely recieve photos of the installed pieces]

the image below was 32 feet long, with a close up of detail below it

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