mbtween.com is a partial portfolio of the work of Dann Niegocki in Tucson, Arizona. I’m currently loving my job at the University of Arizona, working with a great team and we are all putting out award winning work. my artwork needs to live somewhere [hint: here] and it keeping a portfolio up to date is a wise thing. Please note that my portfolio is not up to date [not a wise thing].

I also enjoy looking at where I have come, just recently at the end of 2016 when I came across a large box filled with artwork as early as 1992. It is amazing to see how my design skills grew along with the increasing power of software, though I really could have used some art direction along the way.

I freelance at times, but with a family needing attention, I am choosy. I’ve been creating goodies since 1991 and will be continuing for plenty of years to come. Some day I’ll get all my books written and illustrated.

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