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Brochure Redesign and Self Published book Design

It happens more often than we would like to think – “I had this designed elsewhere, but I don’t like how it turned out”. Just because someone or someplace has a computer and software [in this case, Word] it does not mean that the result will be professional design. I’ll hit on this some other day, but when I had my kitchen redone, I did not build my own kitchen cabinets. There is a reason we have professionals. I’ll climb down from my soapbox though I do feel bad for people that get burned.

I’ll start with the redesign – clean, bright, inviting and relaxing. The blues capitalize on the various social media icons that are blue [more about that further below] and it helps make Bardi the focus of the brochure. Click on the images for a larger image.

Did I mention this was done in a time crunch as well? It was just under a 3 hour job, including stripping out the images from the provided Word doc, masking out images and formatting. See, speed DOES matter. Just think what it would look like if I had 20 hours to work with…

Below are images of the provided artwork. Blocks of color with little flavor, text without any flavor, though I kept the basic layout as that was fine with the client.

After this project, our book design services were utilized in the form of a 240 page book that needed to be laid out and prepped for printing first with us and then through Amazon. The cover came to us with this design but it was also a bit flat.

I still had several photos I had taken early one morning for another project, and the rolling hills worked great for the image beneath the title. I also moved the cover from being a list of information to something more dynamic and identifiable.

Formatting the inside of the book took a bit longer as any well formatted project should. I always take the time to create style sheets so that I can change any aspect of the book in a moment. Need the text larger? Done. Need a different font? Done. The light bulb was a nice touch to break up the chapters.

You may look through more pages at the listing here, and you could purchase it as well.

Last in the list of items came several months later in the form of a quick handout/rack card. I pulled all the social media logos I could find and piled them in an attractive manner, keeping with the blue from the first brochure. The variations of pale yellow and white on the blue helped form a sense of urgency which was what this call to action piece was to be about.

Spring Fling After Party Card

The University of Arizona’s Spring Fling Carnival is the largest student-run carnival in the nation [probably in the world?] and has been a regular event for nearly 40 years.  I once won an inflatable airplane while playing roulette at one of the booths – I am sure you wanted to know that. The end of March through most of April is usually one of the best stretches of weather in Tucson with plenty of sponsorship walks and sporting events taking place.

Enough of the pitch for Tucson – here is a quick card for an after party in one of our local clubs. Rich colors, interesting type – an overall good looking piece. You need it, we design it.

Save the Date Postcard Design for Junior Achievement of Arizona

Someone once told me that Save the Date cards were created by designers and printing companies just so they could get more work -bwahahahaha – though they may be thinking of those wedding magazines as well. The bride just HAS to have water pulled from the middle of a Swiss glacier on her wedding day – anything else would just be a wedding Fail.

I say the real reason we need these early reminders is that our schedules fill up so quickly and we often leave out time for important things, such as this golf tournament for Junior Achievement of Arizona. This postcard design is fresh and green with a wide open sky, I would go even though I don’t play golf. It is a half sheet postcard with the logo distorted in Adobe Illustrator and dropped into Adobe Photoshop – not hard at all. It should be a card that is both eye-catching and easy to remember and will result in a greater turnout.

ASARCO Mineral Discovery Center

This brochure for the ASARCO Mineral Discovery Center was fun on a few levels. First there is just the general interest in the mines of southern Arizona, a decent economic input for our area. I’ve taken my kids down to the Discovery Center and taken the mine tour. Then there is the saturday morning shootout, a weekly ride that see pros and national team athletes come out and ride every Saturday, and that goes around the mines as well. Also, an old friend help set up the Discovery Center and the exhibits a dozen plus years ago, and I still have a few of his old bookshelves in my house. And the last bit would be that there was not a very large budget for the brochure so it was a fun challenge to make a nice piece without costing the customer much money [like in the “took less than 2 hours” range]. I just may need to head out to the Center again as the mines have been working hard as the price of copper has gone way up.

Click on the either of the following images for a pdf version of the brochure.

Arizona Pro Soccer Camp

We would have to go back and check our files to see when we first created the registration brochures for the Arizona Pro Soccer Camp, but our guess is at least 15 years. Wolfganf Weber, varsity coach of Salpointe High School since 1983, continues to promote and share his love of soccer [while running up a record of 516 wins and 76 losses]. The soccer camp is staffed with great people and coaches. This is the 32nd edition of the camp, and we expect many more.

Arizona Pro Soccer Cover

Click here to view a larger version of the insides.