Holiday Inn Unwind Poster

Holiday Inn across the street needed some posters designed pronto, to which we happily obliged. They were just coming off of the huge Gem Show and needed some non-Gem Show centric signage. I found several attractive drink photos after digging through our stock photography site for a while, and through the process of design elimination – and Holiday Inn’s green logo – it was a relatively easy choice. Add some attractive typography and coloring and now the eyes go to the drink, the logo, and Cyprus Lounge. FYI, there are still way too many hours to 4pm as of the writing of this post. I shall remain “wound” for the remainder of the work day.

100 Years of Arizona Statehood Activity Page!

A connect the dots and coloring page? Seriously? Just go back to second grade for a moment and you know that right about know your teacher would be handing this out and you would be eating it up. 100 years – some thought that Arizona was too crazy to make it that long, but it did and we have. Have fun connecting the dots, and have fun coloring. If you like it, I might make more and make them funny [some may say Arizona is funny, but nah, really funny ones and not just off-kilter].

Click on the image below for a printable PDF that is just dying for you to complete and color. I am already coloring my third activity sheet. So much for getting work done today.

Free Arizona Statehood Coloring Page

Save the Date Postcard Design for Junior Achievement of Arizona

Someone once told me that Save the Date cards were created by designers and printing companies just so they could get more work -bwahahahaha – though they may be thinking of those wedding magazines as well. The bride just HAS to have water pulled from the middle of a Swiss glacier on her wedding day – anything else would just be a wedding Fail.

I say the real reason we need these early reminders is that our schedules fill up so quickly and we often leave out time for important things, such as this golf tournament for Junior Achievement of Arizona. This postcard design is fresh and green with a wide open sky, I would go even though I don’t play golf. It is a half sheet postcard with the logo distorted in Adobe Illustrator and dropped into Adobe Photoshop – not hard at all. It should be a card that is both eye-catching and easy to remember and will result in a greater turnout.

Free February 2012 Desktop Calendar

Here is a quick calendar I drummed up as there has been a lot of work the past few weeks and not a lot of white space to do much else [always a good thing]. Now if Tucson’s weather was cooperating, it would fit the mood, but so far we have been very warm this winter. Usually there are great storms rolling through and Tucson can get the crazy dark mountains with the sun still shining through onto parts of the desert. Instead we have shorts and flip-flop weather, which is exactly what was predicted from Roadrunner day. Once again he outran his shadow, and once again we will have a winter that requires us to wear a sweatshirt for the first 2 hours of the day [and maybe closed toed shoes] and after that it is perfect weather.

You have a choice of 3 desktop calendars, two of the stormy Catalinas [one without the roadrunner] and then one of just the roadrunner – click on the image to download a desktop-sized version – enjoy!