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Free February 2012 Desktop Calendar

Here is a quick calendar I drummed up as there has been a lot of work the past few weeks and not a lot of white space to do much else [always a good thing]. Now if Tucson’s weather was cooperating, it would fit the mood, but so far we have been very warm this winter. Usually there are great storms rolling through and Tucson can get the crazy dark mountains with the sun still shining through onto parts of the desert. Instead we have shorts and flip-flop weather, which is exactly what was predicted from Roadrunner day. Once again he outran his shadow, and once again we will have a winter that requires us to wear a sweatshirt for the first 2 hours of the day [and maybe closed toed shoes] and after that it is perfect weather.

You have a choice of 3 desktop calendars, two of the stormy Catalinas [one without the roadrunner] and then one of just the roadrunner – click on the image to download a desktop-sized version – enjoy!



Free January Desktop Wallpaper

Tucson just had one of its coldest Decembers on record, with 5 days with record lows. This follows a very chilly January ’11, though our first few days of ’12 were 79 or 80 degrees. Go figure.

I love calendars, but rarely get to design super cool ones [they sure do take plenty of time]. How about I fill 2012 with desktop calendars? Click on the image below to download the full size version. The photo is taken from the roof of my house of the Santa Catalinas in Tucson, Arizona. The highest point is Mt. Lemmon at 9,157 feet which makes for a great bike ride [Lance Armstrong lived in a cabin up there for 6 weeks to train one year, or so the story goes].

Free January ’12 Desktop Wallpaper

Our Free 2012 Wall Calendars are here [almost]!

This is our 14th wall calendar in a row, with some of the prior years being much funnier than others. Last year was all about the 50th anniversary of man in space [go Yuri!], and this year it is about the Olympic games. It also has a bit of the sailing theme as we happen to be sponsors of the U.S. Sailing Team. Go, er, floaty-boats! Okay then, first up: get the sailing team a mascot so that cheering is more than just “Go U.S.A.!”

Let us know if you want a calendar [and are local] or we can let you know when we are done with printing them and you can swing by and pick a few up.

Click here for a pdf version that is easier to read, but sorry, you can’t print it out. We aren’t scrooges, we just know that the final calendar is going to be much better than what can be printed out on an office printer.

AlphaGraphics Tucson 2012 Wall Calendar

2011 Calendar

This is our twelfth year of making a calendar for ourselves, and we have been filling them with silly dates and events. Do you remember when Google launched GoogleCountry and took over much of South America, or when the Niña and the Pinta called shirts in 1492 and the Santa Maria was not happy about being “skins” for 2 months? Ah, those were the days…

This year we chose a different tack. The last few years have not been easy on many of our clients both local and around the world. We’ve all had to cut back and be a bit more purposeful and wise. That is why we have centered this year’s calendar on mankind’s 50 years of man in space, beginning with Yuri Gagarin being the first in space on April 12th, 1961. It isn’t a big jump to put these hard years together with getting humans into space. It would be an understatement to say there was a lot of hard work and effort put in by hundreds of thousands to get people into space. And that is exactly it — we’ve done it before, and we can do it again. Sure, there is no easy answer to all of this, but at least we can all put our noses to the grindstone and crank out the best we can do. With that spirit in mind, this calendar is for all of us that will be giving it our best shot, with long hours, dedication, ingenuity and hopefully some wisdom.

If you would like a calendar [and you are in Tucson] drop us a line and we’ll work on getting a calendar out to your workplace. We’ll bring extras, just in case anyone you work with wants one [or you can just take one and become the envy of your coworkers – that would be our choice].

If you don’t want to wait, here is a pdf of the calendar that you can print out, though it isn’t very legible on an 8.5×11 sheet.

Click here for a larger jpeg, though you still won’t be able to read the date. If only our year had fewer days…