Double Dial Locking Plier Banner

This scenario is played out daily: client has a product but is unsure what the design to promote it should look like [don’t be surprised – that is my what I do]. For the design here, the client has a locking plier with an additional thumb wheel, which is a great idea. I spend most of my time pulling the pliers back out, adjusting, and then trying again. It’ll be sold in a booth at a few car shows this autumn, so not only does in need to appeal to all the car aficionados, but to the wives as well with the push as a gift for Christmas. It doesn’t cost that much, so that is a great idea. Oh yes, and don’t break the bank on the design and production of the banner.

The solution, as you can see, was to take a high-res photo of the pliers, mask out the background and put it on a metal surface. Large red text pretty much seals the deal, but the ribbon in the corner is there to hopefully catch the eye of the Christmas shoppers. Is it a success? We’ll all have to wait until after the car shows have concluded. A Christmas tree in the booth might be a good attention getter as well. Check them out at

Double Dial Locking Plier