Luminarias Box

Though it might seem appropriate today to put up wedding invitations we have designed [yes, even the mbtween blog is not a safe haven from the hubbub around the royal wedding] we will jump back a few years to the box design for some luminarias. These labels were put on the ends of the box as the front of the box would not be shown while stacked, and the lights were not only beautiful but practical as well. The coated metal luminarias on thick outdoor wire cords meant that you could leave these lights out year round. It made me happy as I was getting tired of setting up the bags. Even the plastic bags were a pain and couldn’t handle the Tucson sun.

The lights look fantastic around the pool at night, but this is a little advertising trickery. It makes for a wonderful photo, but please don’t try this at home. Get real pool lights installed, and not lights [and cords] you could potentially kick into the pool.

Look around Tucson — you’ll see these in plenty of yards, and they are quite beautiful.