Demo Online Ordering System Posters

We have had an online ordering system for years, but not everyone has been taking advantage of it. It is really strange – I don’t like shopping in person, but shopping online I do very well. Maybe the introvert in me gets all giddy when I do, but all I know is that 15 minutes in Target is about all I can take. That said, I just updated the demo version of our online ordering site. As a side note, the site it runs on is called Four51, so I have taken to calling this pretend site “Faux51”. I know, so clever. The biggest part is personalization, where large companies can enter the info for their business cards, HR books, manuals, certificates, etc and we can get rid of the proofing process. I wanted more than just the customizable business card on the site so I created a pair of marketing posters. For years I have wondered who bred a hamster with a grape and got a kiwi. Rather gross if you think about it too much [fuzzy on the outside, grapey on the in] but it made for a fun pair of posters. In case you can’t read the text, it is included below each poster. The logo is mine – I created that a few years ago as a christmas present for a friend and have been using it ever since.

If you want to try out the demo site, head to our AlphaGraphics Palo Verde site and log in at the upper right hand corner. The username is “agSample” and password is “demo”. It is set up to only allow one person on at a time so if someone else shows up, sorry! Fully functioning sites have individual logins.

Are you thinking of breeding a hamster with a grape? You really should be using our services. One consultation with us and we’ll let you know it has already been done. And it is more than just a little freaky.
Utilize Kiffinite Consulting and we’ll make sure you don’t do something nutty.*

*Not available for teenage boys with skateboards or fireworks – you are on your  own

Dennis Rodman didn’t use us. Charlie Sheen didn’t use us. The creators of MySpace didn’t use us.
But they should have.
Kiffinite Consulting keeps you from doing something that you may regret.

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