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Holiday Card

It is getting to be that time in Tucson when someone finally turns the heat on. What better way to escape the heat [other than literally escaping the heat] than to revisit a holiday card from the prior year. Paragon Space Development specializes in environment controls [read that as creating products for both space and dive suits] and their marketing people came up with the great idea of combining the two and have some divers floating in space. Taking their mockup [below] it became a quest of finding the right images and compositing them as realistically as possible.

A few other ideas were worked out, using the comp images from iStockphoto to see which images needed to be purchased.

The last comp was the one, so the two stock photos required were purchased…

and with a bit of masking, modification of the stars and adding to the glow of the earth, a fitting holiday card was born. It is easy to find a decent holiday card, but it takes a little more thought and energy to come up with a card that is worth keeping. Paragon did just that.