Six Banner Stands for Conference Registration

The Carondelet foundation needed six banner stands that would be easy to read behind the registration tables. We could make nice banners, but one must always consider the restrictions: tables covering the bottom half of the banners, people sitting in front of the banners – sometimes standing] and a lot of people milling around. This makes for a very visually-busy area. Practical solution: bright colors at the top that are easy to read and then imagery that will stand out in a crowd [literally] while still remaining very attractive. Using a handful of photos provided by one of the doctors, these six banners will look great for registration as well as calling people to the correct tables. They were also all produced by us, which is always great for our clients. We like to keep the production of all our work under one roof.

And then all 5 of the registration table images side to side. Though we produced all of them in-house, we didn’t assemble all of them for a photo op [sorry]. Click on the image to see it larger.

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