Thanks, Neil Armstrong

This just about says it all, though I will quote from the book “Rocket Men” referring to those that have gone into space:

“They have something, a sort of wild look. I would say, as if they had fallen in love with a mystery up there, sort of as if they haven’t got their feet back on the ground, as if they regret having come back to us… a rage at having come back to earth….. did you know that for months [they] went around looking at the sky? You could speak to them and they didn’t answer, you could touch them on the shoulder and they didn’t notice; their only contact with the world was a dazed, absent, happy smile. They smiled at everything and everybody, and they were always tripping over things. They kept tripping over things because they never had their eyes on the ground.”

Neil Armstron Apollo 11 flag at half mast on the moon


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