U of A Softball Championship Regionals and Super Regionals

If you haven’t heard, the U of A softball team has a bit of a dynasty. Okay, more than a bit. Every year our exceptional coaches put together an exceptionally talented group of players and they tend to play, well, exceptional. This year has been no different, and the U of A hosted both some regional and super regional play. They are currently in the hole in Oklahoma and are up against what is considered the best team in the nation. Let us hope we beat them and continue on.

This was a rush job and we kept it clean and simple, making sure they would be easily recognizable credentials, going off the colors of the NCAA’s softball logo. It wasn’t a surprise that we continued to the super regionals, but it was a surprise that through some losses, the super regionals were hosted at the U of A. We modified them slightly so that anyone without red on their credentials would not make it in from the regionals. A slight gray gradient on the bottom made it just that much cleaner looking.

Arizona softball credentials 2010

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